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Using only kind, positive training methods.

Welcome to Positive Training For Canines!

I run fun socialisation and life skill training classes for all levels from puppy to adult dogs in Colden Common, to provide dog training near Winchester and Eastleigh. I use up to date positive reward based training methods to achieve results working at the speed of your dog and setting them up for success in a fun, relaxed environment.
Positive Training For Canines was established in 2009. I offer a range of services including loose lead and recall workshops, single dog walks, fun agility, social walks, kids workshops and one to one training sessions. If you would like to discuss your dog’s needs and to see if I can help please get in contact.

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A message about Covid-19


I do hope you are all remaining safe.

Sadly we are now in our third Lockdown and once again I will be closing our doors to in-person classes. As of Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th January I will running classes on Zoom, this means we can continue training the dogs offering mental stimulation and teaching them how we would like them to behave in the home environment. Although the dogs are not socialising and working with the distraction of others in a class environment we can at least continue working on their training.   

Virtual one to ones are also available. Virtual sessions are held on Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger or FaceTime.

If you would like more information on classes or one to ones please contact me via email: or phone: 0777 131 4947 / 01962 418 007 

Best Wishes