Here are 5 Simple Activities To Do With Your Pup. Offering mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation. And you can offer both with these ideas:

1. Play Hide and Seek
This could be you hiding and when your pup finds you, you play with a toy or you hide a toy and when your pup finds it you play.

2. Play Tug
Teaching a pup to drop the toy is a great way to keep the game fair. Make sure you don’t always win, no one likes to lose all the time!

3. Use Interactive Toys
These can be great to use at meal times when your pup needs some entertainment. Make sure you don’t use them for every meal and ensure they don’t create frustration.

4. Scent Work
This is such an easy activity to do to help calm your pup, offer mental stimulation and to slow feeding down. You can scatter your pup’s dinner on the grass for him/her to find.

5.Trick Training
Teaching your pup some simple tricks can help offer your pup mental stimulation and help build your bond.
You don’t need to spend huge chunks of time doing activities with your pup. A few minutes at a time can take the edge off or tire your puppy out. Keep things simple and gradually build them up