Are you undecided if you should walk your dog on a collar or use a harness? Have you been told that dogs pull more in harnesses? Hopefully by reading this it will help make your mind up. 

The dog’s neck is a very delicate area and if damaged it can have the following outcomes: 

Blood vessels  – Carrying blood to and from the brain to the body. Pressure on the veins can cause higher blood pressure in the brain and impaired circulation in the brain causing glaucoma. 

Larynx – Closes to keep food from sliding into the lungs. Damage can cause difficulties in swallowing, pain and choking. 

Muscles – Working to keep the head up. Damage can cause strains, pain and can influence the rest of the body.     

Nerves – Conducting motor impulses from brain to muscles and sensory impulses from the skin to the brain. Damage can cause osteoarthritis and impaired neurological functions. 

Skin – barrier between the external environment and internal body. Collar damage can cause hair loss, irritation, bruising and pain. 

Spinal Cord – Nervous tube running from the brain. Damage to the neck may result in narrowing of the spinal canal and impingement of the spinal cord. 

Thymus – Plays a huge part in immunity and where the T-cells are produced. It starts off large and reduces with age. Damage to the neck can result in a reduction of T cell production. 

Thyroid – It regulates metabolism, body temperature, heart and respiratory rate, brain development, cell growth and moods. Damage can lead to hypothyroidism.

Tongue Bone – Important in the movement of the tongue and for swallowing. Damage to the neck can result in painful or difficulties in swallowing. 

Trachea – Also known as the windpipe. Damage can cause the cartilage rings to flatten or break resulting in narrower diameter and respiratory problems. 

Vertebrae and Intervertebral Discs – Form the spine. Damage can cause osteoarthritis and potential herniation of the discs.

If you don’t wish to cause unnecessary damage to your dog’s neck a well fitted harness that doesn’t restrict your dog’s movement is your best option. A comfortable harness won’t put pressure around the head, neck or throat. 

The benefits to the Perfect Fit harness by Dog- Games: 

  • A secure and snug fit
  • Adjustable as your dog grows 
  • Can be done up around the dog’s neck rather than over the head
  • Comes in 2 – 3 pieces and can be replaced as and when needed
  • Has a front D-ring and a ring on the top piece
  • Great for amputee dogs
  • Ideal for Brachycephalic breeds 

  Harnesses won’t make a dog pull more. The dog will pull due to the consequence to the behaviour ie moving forward to get to their destination. Although many harnesses state they will stop a dog from pulling they don’t, you have to teach them how to walk appropriately on lead. 

I am a stockist for the Perfect Fit Harness and if you would like to book a session for your dog to be measured up then please get in touch. I cover Winchester, Eastleigh and surrounding areas.