With the hot weather upon us we need to consider keeping our dogs safe and cool. 

Dogs aren’t very good at cooling down. They pant which helps to expel excess heat and they also sweat (a tiny amount) through their paws but when you are wearing a constant wooly jumper in hot weather it can’t be much fun! 

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to help them: 

  • Walk them at the coolest parts of the day (early morning and late evening). If you can’t hold the back of your hand on the pavement for 10 seconds then it’s too hot for your dog. 
  • If they want to be in the garden, keep them in the shade. 
  • If your house gets hot, keep the curtains or blinds closed. 
  • Avoid travelling in the car if  you can. If you have to make a journey, check for any delays. Never leave your dog in a car on hot days. It doesn’t have to be sunny, it’s the temperature that matters. We all know what it’s like to get in a hot vehicle with no air. Just imagine being in the vehicle with your winter woolies and coat on! 
  • Let them play with water in a paddling pool if they want too. You can always gently pour water over them with the use of your hands (never throw the water over them). If you put a wet towel over them, don’t leave it on them as steam can be created which will have the opposite effect. 
  • They may go off their meals. Don’t panic, majority of dogs won’t starve themselves for long. 
  • If you were thinking about having a day out, check the forecast and avoid if the temperatures are on the increase. Sometimes it is kinder to leave your dog at home instead of being out in stressful, busy environments. 
  • To help them drink plenty you could jazz up your ice cubes. You could place blueberries, small bits of cucumber/carrots/apple/strawberries in the tray and then fill with water. Especially for puppies you could make your ice cubes with Chamomile tea. 

Why not make your own ice lollies or ice cream? It’s incredibly easy! 

Ice lollies: 

Chopped fruit or Vegetables

Chicken/Beef/Vegetable Stock (low in salt)

Chew sticks/freeze dried chicken feet/Pizzle

Place the chopped fruit or vegetables in a lolly container. Pour in the stock and add a stick (chew stick/chicken foot/Pizzle). Gently place in the freezer overnight. 

Ice cream: 

1-2 bananas

1 tub of Natural Yoghurt 

Blend or mash the bananas. Mix in the Natural Yoghurt. Place in ice cube trays or muffin tins or a tub and freeze overnight. 

Instead of using bananas you could use strawberries!

For more ideas check out Pinterest or Google. Just make sure the ingredients you are using is safe for dogs. 

If you are worried about your dog seek Veterinary advice. 

Remember : No dog has ever died from missing one walk but dogs HAVE died from one walk in the heat. Don’t take the risk!