I cannot speak highly enough of Leah and have already recommended Positive Training For Canines to a number of people as a result of our positive experience.  My dog has attended Leah’s classes since he was a young puppy (he is now 1.5 years), recall workshops and has recently started fun agility which he ABSOLUTELY LOVES – an hour that works his little legs but most importantly, his very busy brain!  Puppyhood and adolescence has brought us a number of challenges which has tested us as dog owners – we had sleepless nights and anxiety issues around being left and subsequently, being around other dogs.  Leah has helped us tackle each of these as they have arisen.  She is approachable, non-judgemental and has always helped us see all the amazing behaviours our dog offers us all the time!  We are very lucky to have such a strong bond with our dog, a relationship of mutual understanding and trust, which I honestly believe that without Leah’s assistance we may not have achieved.

Alice, Ian and Otto

I am attending classes with my new puppy Olive, this is the second dog I have had as an adult and I went to other classes when my last dog was little. I am really impressed with the classes which are very calm and provide a good learning environment for puppy and owners. We’ve picked up loads of ideas for practising training at the classes and through all the emails. Leah is also very happy to help chat through specific problems at the class or by phone and gives great support and ideas. I would highly recommend – a great investment with any new dog.

Ros and Olive

Ros and Olive

Bringing Orla to puppy classes and working with Leah has been just what our puppy has needed to overcome her fear of the big wide world. Orla is not the brightest girl, but she has been given time to process what is being asked of her without pressure and in a logical steady manner. The puppy socialisation has been invaluable to her.

Leah is very responsive to questions and provides advice based on the individual dog’s requirements.

Hayley and Orla

Leah has been amazing at helping us with our 14 week old whippet. We have been going to her puppy classes for 4 weeks now and we have learnt so much that we can put into practice when we are home and out about. Definitely recommend Leah’s classes!

Daniel and Ted

Daniel and Ted

We were really pleased with our pup’s progress. We attended the puppy class with Leah and are already much more confident as owners thanks to her calm and positive advice.

Camilla and Bramble

We first met Leah, at Positive Training For Canines, over 10 years ago with our first puppy, a black lab. We’d never had a puppy before and had very little idea what it would involve. Leah was calm, knowledgeable and able to break down the essentials of puppy training into manageable chunks in our sleep deprived state. Charlie thrived and so did we. Classes were well run, fun but calm. Leah came to our house for 1:1 with Charlie to help with specific behaviour issues which was such a help.

We’re now back with our 10 week old new arrival, Otis, another black lab. He’s enjoyed his first 2 classes with Leah. Leah also sends Puppy Power Pointer emails each day covering common puppy issues (biting/chewing, not saying no, how to gradually leave the pup alone) which have been really helpful.

We would recommend Positive Training For Canines with out reservation- thanks Leah!

Emma and Otis

We have Taff, an unruly 2 year old Cockapoo with separation anxiety and a tendency to jump up as people always wanted to pet him when he was small. We had trouble finding a trainer because of lockdown and Leah going on maternity leave when he was little. We had other trainers with varying success, until Leah was available, by which time his problems had become ingrained.

Leah came to see us, identified Taff’s problems and put together a programme to help us overcome them with weekly Zoom calls for anxiety and latterly a combination of one to one and group sessions with other dogs for jumping up, always followed up with email notes on each session.

Taff has improved massively under Leah’s guidance. We are sure if Taff could have seen her when he was a young puppy his problems would not have developed, as it is really owner training, the dogs are smart enough to understand what they are asked to do.

We can not thank her enough for her help.

Brenda, Ray and Taff

Brenda, Ray and Taff

Having owned dogs in the past, having a puppy has been a steep learning curve. With guidance from Leah and her team we now have more understanding of the needs of a puppy. The classes were well organised and Phoebe responded well to training and is a joy to have. I would recommend any new owner to Positive Training For Canines.
Cheryl and Phoebe

I have attended Leah’s online classes for the last 3 months with my puppy. It has been fantastic. I’m new to positive reinforcement training and each week we’d learn new exercises to practice with our dogs. My puppy has loved it all and is now far better behaved, with better lead work than I’ve ever achieved before with traditional methods. Leah explains the ‘dog logic’ behind the methods she uses and looks to solve problems from the dogs perspective so you set them and yourself up for success. It works. Couldn’t ask for better.

Sara and Stanley

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for your help and attention at times when we needed you. I’ll confess, I was sceptical at first about how dog training could be done online but you did a terrific job at adapting and we got a lot out of it.

I think back to my rather anxious email to you asking for tips back in October when we picked Ruby up and now look at the lovely pet that Ruby has grown into.

Thank you so much for your help to date and your clear dedication to the training, clearly more than just a job to you!

Cheryl, Jon and Ruby

Leah has been fabulous with teaching our family how to train our cavapoo, Teddy. Really helpful individual tips and advice, custom built just for our dog’s needs. Leah identified issues we were having with jumping up and is willing to work 1 on 1 to address the issue. We took our 10 year old daughter to classes so we could work as a family on the lessons. Would 100% recommend, look no further, Leah has saved our sanity. Thank you Leah!
Jen, Carl, Isabella and Teddy

We have worked with Leah with 2 dogs now and have found her to be kind and understanding with lots of helpful hints and tips. Our eldest dog is now 8 years old and an absolute joy, yet as a puppy her fear aggression was so problematic that she was almost unmanageable. Our vet even suggested that euthanasia might be the best option! Yet Leah supported and encouraged us to keep trying and her techniques have really paid off. We now have a really wonderful dog that we can take anywhere without worrying.

More recently, we have acquired a new puppy who is also becoming reactive in adolescence. Leah has been able to provide clear targeted advice once again. She is calm and positive with an uncritical approach which makes it easy to ask for help when it is needed. We have attended puppy and junior classes and Leah has been really helpful in ensuring that we get the most out of these sessions despite the extra challenge of an anxious puppy. The classes are well-run and in a calm environment. I would definitely recommend her classes to all new dog owners and to anyone in need of extra help with behavioural issues. We are really thankful for her hard work and expertise.

Wendy, Andrew, Matilda and Molly