One to One

Are you being pulled down the road by your dog? 

Does your dog prefer to party with everyone else in the park rather than with you? 

Is your dog jumping all over your visitors the moment they enter your property? 

If you are experiencing specific issues with lead walking, off lead and jumping up Positive Training For Canines is here to help! Using up to date positive reward based training methods you can teach your dog how to walk on a loose lead, hang out with you in the park and to keep their paws on the floor. 

One to ones are held in your own home as a booked appointment on Saturdays. Initial visits last up to an hour and a half and follow on visits last an hour if  needed. During the one to one sessions we will discuss the issue you are experiencing in full and I will set out an action plan for you to work through. 

When training dogs we must have realistic expectations and we must keep in mind ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’. Dogs need consistency, kindness, patience and understanding. They are hard work but are also a lot of fun. It is our job to build our relationship with them so we become a team that we can be proud of. 

What happens after the consultation? 

After my visit I will send you notes on what we have discussed and a full explanation of the action plan. For the majority, only one visit will be necessary but you may wish to book a follow up session. This can either be done as a home visit, virtually (WhatsApp or Skype) or over the telephone.  


Initial One to One – £85 (1 Hour)

Follow Up (Home Visit) Session – £70 (1 Hour)  

Follow Up (Virtual or Telephone) Session £60 (1 Hour) 

If you would like to book a One to One for loose lead, off lead or jumping up please fill in my booking form on my Contact Us page or phone 0777 131 4947 or email   

Hayley and Orla

Brining Orla to puppy classes and working with Leah has been just what our puppy has needed to overcome her fear of the big wide world.  Orla is not the brightest girl, but she has been given time to process what is being asked of her without pressure and in a logical steady manner.   The puppy socialisation has been invaluable to her. 
Leah is very responsive to questions and provides advice based on the individual dogs requirements.