Puppy Classes


Puppy training is part of puppy socialisation. Here at Positive Training for Canines we offer individual attention in small, fun, relaxed puppy classes in the Winchester and Eastleigh area. To achieve results we only use positive reward based training through the use of food rewards, body language and vocal praise.

During the 6-week course we are introducing new activities to your pup as a starting point in your training journey. After the 6 week course you are welcome to join us in the Junior Course and the Adolescent and Above course to develop your training further. This is highly recommended as your pup develops to give you ideas of what to work on, prevent things from developing and to support you on your journey. You will also be invited to join one the workshops to focus your attention on specific areas like Loose Lead, Recall and Jumping Up. 


Colden Common Community Centre – Monday and Tuesday evenings 6- 6.45pm (map)
We run a 6-week puppy training classes at Colden Common Community Centre for puppies who have received their first vaccination (normally around 10 weeks of age) and those up to the age of 16 weeks. This course covers the basics of training including loose lead, recall, focus, settles, mental stimulation, impulse control, greeting other dogs appropriately and much more!

*You will receive a welcome pack when you sign up,

*17 daily emails with snippets of useful information to help you on your puppy journey,

* Weekly class notes and help sheets

* Weekly thought provoking emails 

* Over the phone/Zoom support throughout your course,

* Discounted home visits,

* A discount to join the Juniors 

* An invitation to join my workshops,

* The chance to join my private Facebook groups

* And a goody bag on completion of your course


NB: We ask for you to attend at 5.50pm on your first night so we can run through your introduction. The rest of your course will run 6-6.45pm 


Looking to train a young dog over 16 weeks old? Take a look at our Junior Dog Training Classes

Case Study : Whisky the Rottie 

 I bumped into my lovely customer and her gorgeous 4 month old Rottie, Whisky, the other day. It was great to see them outside of class and to see them both working hard with the environment. Once I approached and got their attention, Amy started to reward Whisky for being calm and for keeping his four feet on the ground. He approached to say hi and Amy rewarded him straight away. We stood and chatted for a bit, all the while Amy was rewarding Whisky for his amazing behaviour. It was fantastic to see the work we cover in class being put into practice and of course seeing the great results! 


Puppies greeting each other
Puppies greeting each other