Separation Anxiety

Helping your dog feel safe home alone

Fed up with your neighbours complaining about your dog’s howling/barking when you aren’t there?
Are you worried about leaving your dog because you know s/he struggles when left but not sure what to do about it?
Are you being greeted by a stressed dog when you return home? 

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety is a fear of being away from their special human. Your dog can display behaviours with greater intensity or to a more problematic level when you aren’t present. This can be barking, howling, chewing, toileting, panting, drooling, being hypervigilant, whining, vomiting, escaping or trying to escape.

How can I help?

All Separation Anxiety work is carried out remotely using a process of Systematic Desensitisation to teach your dog that home alone is safe

Each dog experiences anxiety differently and progress can be slow to start with. I create a personalised daily training program for you and your dog setting achievable goals for the week.

How does it work?

Your first session is a 60 minute introduction and initial assessment.

We meet on a weekly basis, normally on Zoom, to discuss how the week has been, we run through a live training session and we set the plan for the week ahead. All sessions are recorded and sent to you afterwards for you to refer to if necessary.

I will provide you with a tried and tested ethical, force free protocol to help you and your dog.

I will be teaching you about your dog’s subtle body language signals so s/he doesn’t become distressed.

Ongoing support available throughout the week via WhatsApp.

Why not book a discovery call to see if I am the right trainer for you?

What is expected of you

We need to avoid leaving your dog until s/he can manage being left. This means you will need to make arrangements so s/he has company when you aren’t there.

  • You follow the training program
  • You attended to booked sessions
  • You reach out if you are struggling

Initially sign up for 4 weeks at £200. Moving forward subsequent 4 week packages are £160.

There’s no need to feel isolated or lonely when there is a way to help teach your dog that being home alone is safe. We must work at your dog’s speed so sadly I can’t say how long it will take to overcome this but with time, patience and support there is a solution to this problem.

Why not get in touch so we can discuss the issue you are having to see if I can help you?